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  1. TechPrint Helps the Growing Wearable Medical Devices Market

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    In 2014, the wearable medical devices market took in around $2.7 billion dollars and is expected to grow in large proportions by the year 2023. Estimates are suggesting the market will reach $10 billion dollars by that year globally.
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    Although there are numerous devices that are manufactured in this market, the largest growth rate is found in heart rate monitors and many of the devices are used for home health care. Two of the main reasons the wearable medical devices market is expected to grow is because of the latest in innovation and the many people who use these devices. Although some devices can be prescribed by doctors, many people who take their health seriously use them in an effort to better understand and maintain their own bodies. This demographic tends to be tech-savvy, health conscious, and in the higher income brackets. Those people on the lower income side enjoy the same type of products, but typically tend to look for cheaper models.
    Also growing in popularity is non-invasive diagnostic devices.  These are a type of wearable used in the biosensor market to gather medical information from patients.  Examples of this include devices that can monitor and map areas of the body including cardiac monitoring and brain waves.  This technology is vital to managing the health of the aging population, and will only become more important as technology continues to improve.  The sensors and electrodes that gather this data is one of the most important parts of these diagnostic devices, and is an area where Techprint can assist manufacturers.
    Techprint is a custom designer and manufacturer of specialty graphics and printed electronic products. Our capabilities include the ability to design and produce custom printed electrodes and biosensor products, including those in the non-invasive diagnostic wearable medical devices market. TechPrint is able to design and produce the right product for most any device. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and learn more how we can help you with your wearable device development.


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    Growth in the medical devices market always stirs with conflicting emotions. On one hand it stands for the fact that the use of these technologies is becoming more rampant pointing to the rise of chronic and acute diseases. On the other it reflects advancements in medicine and the promise of better care and healing for patients.
    The global market for medical device technologies is expanding at a fast pace. By 2020 this space will boast a cumulative value of $428,970 million. Of this the United States lays claim to a large chunk of 39% making it a significant market player.
    The Top 10 Medical Device Technologies:
    Segmented by type, the following technologies comprise the Top 10 Devices list:

    • IVD devices or calibrators, reagents and kits that facilitate medical procedures in receptacles or test tubes outside the patient’s body.
    • Cardiology devices related to heart centric medical procedures covering both tests and surgeries.
    • Diagnostic imaging devices like X-Rays, CAT and PET scan equipment and MRI set-ups.
    • Orthopedic devices that diagnose and treat defects and problems with the musculoskeletal system.
    • Ophthalmology devices that cover the gamut from lenses and glasses to lasers and surgical instruments for delicate eye related operations.
    • Endoscopy devices that allow surgeons and doctors to probe into the inner cavities and passageways of the human body without surgery.
    • Diabetes care devices that help diabetics monitor their blood sugar and glucose levels and administer the required, measured insulin dosages without seeking medical assistance.
    • Wound Management devices that help sterilize, treat and heal superficial wounds. These generally come packaged in kits.
    • Kidney/dialysis devices that take care of a wide range of nephrology issues.
    • Anesthesia & respiratory care devices which include asthma inhalers, bi-pap machines and ventilators.

    Why This Growth Spurt?
    According to experts there are many reasons that have driven this sudden and phenomenal growth in the medical device technologies market. Stressful lifestyles are leading to an epidemic of hypertension, thyroid, diabetes and other chronic diseases. The ageing, geriatric population requires constant care and attention boosting production of at-home monitoring equipment.
    At Techprint Incorporated we have the capabilities to provide custom products for OEMS in the medical device market. Take a look at our website to see our full capabilities list, or connect with us at 800-225-2538 to learn more about our services.

  3. The Exciting Future of Printed Electronics

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    The world of printed electronics is one of the fastest growing, technologically advanced industries out there. Every day, advancements are being made, creating a world of possibilities and endless opportunities.

    The big news for 2014 and beyond will be the Internet of Things. This term has been receiving increased attention in the news, and is likely to have strong advances in the New Year. The Internet of Things is the concept that our daily lives will be interconnected in more ways than ever before. Thanks to devices like our smartphones, RFID tags, GPS, and other electronic equipment, consumers and manufacturing companies will have the ability to interconnect.
    Examples of the Internet of Things include products used throughout your home. Smart refrigerators that send you notifications when items like milk or eggs are no longer fresh, or out of stock. Washing machines that send out signals when it is time to move the wash into the dryer. Devices that combine Wi-Fi enabled plug sockets with household light switches.

    Smarter thermostats that monitor and adjust your home’s heating and cooling automatically. Smartphone apps that provide a homeowner with the ability to control their home’s use of energy. Connected homes will reduce energy usage in order to save money and resources.

    Another major trend attracting big buzz in the industry is the field of wearable electronics. In fact, this industry, worth $8 billion in 2013, is projected to be worth $20 billion by 2017.* From clothing with integrated electronics, to wrist bands, watches and athletic gear that monitor a user’s health and physical activities, wearable devices will continue to evolve and create further growth in the field of printed electronics.

    What else can we expect from the industry? It seems smart packaging is something to keep your eyes on. Printed electronics are, and will continue to be, integrated into materials and packaging that will do everything from create labels that reduce shipping costs, to drug packages that register when a pill was taken, to food wrappers that tell you when your food has spoiled. It’s a remarkable area that is sure to impact our economy and our lifestyles for the better.

    As the New Year moves forward, we see a positive trend in the reshoring of jobs back to the United States. With new sources of energy from tar sands and shale rock, the country is almost a net producer of energy. This will continue to drive overall manufacturing costs down and give a much needed competitive edge to U.S. manufacturing. In addition, the innovation we see in wearable devices and the Internet of Things shows just how inventive our American culture allows us to be. The creativity of today will provide solid jobs and manufacturing for America in the future. It all is quite appealing and exciting.

    As we move forward, Techprint will continue to stay on top of these latest advancements, whether it’s through attending trade shows, seminars or reading and reporting on the latest surveys and studies. We will continue to keep our readers and customers informed. It’s such an exciting industry, and we love being a part of it.

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