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  1. National Safety Month

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    It has been estimated that every year almost 4.1 million workers are seriously injured on premise or pick up some form of infection that leads to illness. This statistic translates into loss of productivity for the employer; and high risk for the employee.

    In the competitive market where organizations look to increasingly unique ways to optimize the ROI of their investments, taking precautionary measures and educating employees, especially those who work on factory floors, construction sites, heat transfer systems and in units where toxic chemicals are handled in large volumes is an often over-looked and effective way to boost performance and avoid employee injury.

    June is National Safety Month:
    The National Safety Council has teamed up with thousands of companies and businesses across the nation in a joint effort to raise occupational safety awareness. It works with guidelines developed by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and mobilizes the National Safety Month movement. Useful tip sheets, trainings and checklists covering best practices, gear recommendations and structural enhancements are disseminated to reinforce safety at work.

    Techprint’s Role in Work Safety:
    Techprint Incorporated is a respected name in the market of custom labeling and digital printing. It is well known for its flexographic products, finishing services like lamination, sheeting and die cutting and its ability to work with myriad substrates, dyes and technologies.

    However Techprint also prides itself on being an occupational safety enhancer. As per the mandates of OSHA, labeling is one of the primary precautions that a business can take to ensure that equipment and chemicals are not handled in a way that leads to physical harm to the user.

    In this regard, Techprint supplies:

    • Detailed manufacturer labels that are tear, stain and fade proof. They inform employees about the features of the product they are using and are rather exhaustive in the safety data they convey.
    • Worker labels which prove to be useful especially when chemicals have to be decanted from manufacturer containers into smaller units for easy dispensing. Unlabeled bottles are a recipe for disaster.
    • Danger, warning and caution labels that go on everything from tools and mobile equipment like cranes and forklifts to chemical vats and containers, communicating to users the risks associated with the product through short text, commonly accepted symbols and data sheet values.
    • Unique Device Identification (UDI) labels which are a recent requirement but which can be scanned by workers and employees to access online equipment operation instructions, caveats and precautions.

    Being informed is the first step towards unequivocal work place safety. When people understand how high the stakes are, they automatically become more accountable for their own well-being. Techprint Incorporated is happy to contribute to this awareness in a significant way.

  2. Here’s What the GHS Deadline Means For You

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    The Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) deadline is looming. On June 15th all chemical manufacturers, suppliers and distributors based in the United States of America will have to comply with GHS.
    So what does this mean?
    It means that all chemicals that are deemed hazardous must have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and will also have to be identifiable with a standardized label which will include product information, the danger of the chemical and a picture conveying the danger.
    Who is affected?
    Over 5 million workplaces and over 40 million employees will be affected by the GHS rule. It is estimated that this ruling will prevent at least 585 injuries and 43 deaths. In addition to that, it is expected to have a productivity improvement of over $754,000,000 per year.
    Responsibility falls within two groups. The chemical manufacturers who will have to make sure that all chemicals are correctly classified, and will have Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) compliant and GHS-based labels properly applied to shipping containers.
    They must also have the aforementioned SDS forms. The other group is the General Industry, or business that use chemicals in the workplace. They must train employees on the new classification system and also guarantee that all chemical labels are SDS and HCS complaint.
    Employees must have been trained by December 1st 2013 on the new SDS format and labeling demands. On June 1st 2015 all chemical manufacturers must begin compliance. By Dec 1st 2015 Distributors may only ship containers labeled correctly, with the HCS-complaint label. June 1st 2016 will be the deadline for employers to update alternative workplace labeling and hazardous communication programs.
    Many of our labels here at Techprint meet this new compliance regulation.Allow our over 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing help you. We are also ISO9001:2008 certified, UL authorized, have ITAR registration, and RoHS REACH, so we are well equipped to tackle your project. Contact us today to see how we can help you stay compliant with the new GHS.