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  1. Techprint Inc. Renews ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for Improved Customer Satisfaction

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    International standard bodies and their regulations help companies deliver the best possible end user experience to their clients through stringent quality management. At Techprint Inc. we understand the importance of this, and recently were recertified for ISO 9001:2008 certification. The #1 reason to be ISO certified is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

    ISO 9001 certified stampISO 9001:2008

    A body of guiding principles and specific requirements, the ISO 9001:2008 happens to be the gold standard of quality management practices. It is a coveted certification which is handed out only to the organizations that display the ability to:

    • Consistently deliver stellar customer experiences
    • Accurately document processes that impact a buyer’s interactions with the company
    • Improve these documented processes over time so that the business is always updated and relevant in the context of eliminating consumer problems and offering them a rewarding experience

    How Can a Company Apply for and Secure the ISO 9001:2008 Certification?
    It is important to take note of the fact that for a company to be ISO certified all the fundamentals and provisions specified in the body of literature supporting a particular standard must be met. These guidelines are non-negotiable. If a company can’t follow anything in particular because of its business model, then it can’t claim ISO 9001:2008 conformance.

    • A gap analysis should be conducted where the present quality Management System (QMS) is evaluated against an ISO compliant QMS. The shortcomings must be rectified.
    • A plan is needed to work on the gap revealed. ISO 9001 has a step by step workbook that lists different approaches to bridging this gap.
    • Next the employees have to be trained in the provisions of the ISO 9001.
    • The QMS processes now need to be documented and the system implemented in the organization.
    • Before the certification providers are called in to carry out their own audit, an in-house audit is necessary to ensure greater probability of approval.

    It is a rigorous and exhaustive journey. But the tangible benefits include better market reputation, strict quality management, consistent and excellent performance, reduced defect rates, documentation and automation of processes for ongoing evaluation, easier growth and most importantly increased revenue from the elimination of obsolete practices.
    Techprint Inc. offers numerous manufacturing capabilities for a variety of industries. For more information on our capabilities and how our ISO 9001:2008 certification demonstrates our company wide commitment to quality contact us here.

  2. Techprint Offers a Wide Range of Screen and Roll to Roll Printing Solutions

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    When it comes to versatility for industrial and commercial screen-printing, Techprint has the experience and equipment to satisfy a variety of product requirements. Their fully automatic, high speed screen-printing presses are specialized for printing onto a variety of plastic film materials, in both sheet and roll formats. They are able to print durable labels, graphic overlays, flexible circuits, membrane switches and printed electronics. When it comes to graphic printing, Techprint can print on any shape, size, and thickness, unlike other printers. Their high speed presses are able to handle large volume runs quickly and efficiently.

    On the converting and fabricating side of things, Techprint offers everything from die cutting to laminating to fabrication and everything in between. Their state of the art equipment can also handle other print technologies. Whether it’s digital, silkscreen, flexographic, hotstamp, or thermal transfer, Techprint can give clients exactly what they’re looking for.

    Techprint’s graphic and engineering design team works with clients in an effort to determine what will work best for them. Besides the wide range of printing options available, Techprint takes pride in being ISO9001 certified, and the company also adheres to standards and is certified by UL, CSA, IPC, ESD, and RoHS.

    In addition to the vast array of screen printing and roll to roll screen printing, Techprint offers clients design engineering support, and prototypes to ensure clients get exactly what they’re looking for. High volume production is easy with inspection and quality controls in place. Should clients need a new or more modern product, they can help with redesigning what clients currently have or envision something completely new.

    When it comes to screen printing and roll to roll printing, Techprint has the state of the art technology that companies are looking for. No job is too big, and their staff of professionals can help any company to look their best.

  3. Printed Electronics, Smart Football Helmets, and Head Protection: A Promising Partnership

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    Smart Football Helmets

    Is it possible to significantly reduce head injuries to football players (of all ages) with the right helmet technology? Thanks to the InSite head-impact monitoring system created by Riddell, the world’s leading manufacturer of football helmets, it just might be.
    The highly-innovative system consists of three pieces to gather and analyze data that can help coaches better protect their athletes.
    Insite Sensor HelmetThe Riddell InSite Impact Response System is a new helmet-based impact monitoring technology designed to alert when significant single and multiple impacts are sustained during a football game or practice. Coaches and sideline staff will now have Riddell InSite’s unique vantage point inside the helmet at the time of contact to enable improved identification and management of concussion.
    So what does this have to do with printed electronics, and specifically with Techprint? As experts in printing technology, fabrication, and assembly, we worked with the designers of the system to help bring the product to market, which is now in the manufacturing stage. We worked closely with their development partner, Simbex, to satisfy their needs of producing thousands of parts.
    Our engineering and manufacturing knowledge and capabilities—including conductive printing, die cutting, laminating, fabricating, and electronic assembly—made us the ideal fit for this project. We took our experience and expertise, and manufactured the sensor piece for Riddell’s contract manufacturer, seamlessly working our capabilities into the process and helping to make the product a reality.
    Addressing head injury and advancing player safety are paramount to the future of football. The potential that Riddell’s revolutionary system provides is very promising, and we here at Techprint are proud to be a part of it.
    *Riddell website
    Riddell’s InSite Video, YouTube
    “Under the Helmet” Video, YouTube